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Jonny Cotsen - Louder Is Not Always Clearer

Imagine you are in a small room with 100 people talking all at once. You cannot make sense of the sound. You cannot hear one sound over another. It all sounds like one distorted track, with no words. Imagine living every single moment of your life like that. This is what is has been like for Jonny his whole life.

LOUDER IS NOT ALWAYS CLEARER is an autobiographical exploration into Jonny's world. It explores the shift between disability and ability, how we are all connected and disconnected, Deaf and hearing, and how we all experience isolation and frustration through breakdowns in communication. The performance will use physical language to communicate and will allow the audience to experience the world beyond the spoken word.

An Experimentica Commission, supported by Sherman 5.

 Image: courtesy Jonny Cotsen

Image: courtesy Jonny Cotsen