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Beth Greenhalgh: Experiment in Terror - There is Something in the walls other than pipe, brick and wire

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A durational performance – two hours

The mirror exists exactly where it always has.
Breathe, hum or cry. Howl of the wind trapped in plastic, trapped in cracks on this wall. It squeezes it's way through, gasping to catch its breath.
Your face follows sounds around the room. Lending an ear, trying to understand its last words.

In here the sentinel is exorcising sentiment.

Layers of space are unfolded through a mirror curtain that opens onto an inflating and deflating medium or ghost. They stain things, they dance and vibrate, they sing and scream. Its a séance.

The sentiment is on fire, Spring is here. Demons are exorcised and the ghost is put to rest.

There is something in the walls other than pipe and wire.

Please note: this is a durational work. Your ticket does not guarantee entry at a specific time - capacities are limited and you may have to wait to enter.