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Established in 2001 by Chapter Arts Centre, EXPERIMENTICA is an annual five-day Festival in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

EXPERIMENTICA hosts a dynamic programme of live art, performance and interdisciplinary projects and offers a significant platform for UK and international artists to produce or introduce their work.

EXPERIMENTICA is an opportunity for artists at all stages in their career to present challenging, experimental works within an open, supportive and artist-focused environment.

EXPERIMENTICA can be entertaining, dangerous, confusing, life-affirming, playful, provocative, thoughtful, witty, engaging, irritating and everything in between.

EXPERIMENTICA is committed to supporting artists who engage with live practice and employ an experimental approach.

EXPERIMENTICA aims to show Cardiff as the progressive, open-minded, cultural capital that it is. It's a festival which is proudly rooted in Wales but supports boundary-pushing artists and audiences with an eye on the alternative from all over the globe.


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